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General Information
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Writers’ Organizations
To write I need physical and mental space, free of daily concerns and duties. I need to withdraw and live in my head. Yet writing is collaborative. I write best when I am part of a thriving community, since other writers and readers push me to question my assumptions and search for greater insights.

Writers’ organizations set professional standards, lobbying for their members’ rights and recompense in the broader community. They also provide information, stimulation and forums for relevant debates.

Creative Nonfiction Collection
Writers’ Union of Canada
Association of Italian-Canadian Writers

Personal Writers’ Group
I am lucky to be part of a small writers’ group that meets regularly. We support each other, offer advice, and test ideas. We drink strong Italian coffee and feast on delicious food. When one of us is in despair, the others tell her to pull herself together and (at least metaphorically) put pen to paper.

The former fitness model and reporter Mar’ce Merrell models optimism, discipline, and creative energy to the rest of us. She has published two children’s books and will soon publish one for young adults – The Cake Princess. She is also working on an adult novel.

Debby Waldman is an enthusiastic wordsmith, with a parenting column, a children’s book on sports, and one on raising a deaf child. She also has a picture book out that retells a Jewish folk tale, and another to come next year.

June Smith-Jeffries brings warmth and wisdom to the group. June, who lives half the year in South Carolina, just had an essay published in The Story that Brought Me Here, and is working on a novel.

Like June, the newest member attends part time. Naomi Lewis lives in Calgary but joins us when she can. Last spring she published an acclaimed and mesmerizing novel Cricket in Her Fist.