The Lion’s Mouth

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Guernica Editions

The Lion’s Mouth

Guernica Editions – 1993

Translated into French by Christiane Di Matteo and Jocelyn Doray and published as La Gueule du Lion in French by Balzac Editions in 2000.

“A slender volume of superb short stories” - Alberta Views “The stories are powerful and beautifully written.” - Canadian Book Review Annual

“From the very first sentence a bright talent is evident.”

Globe & Mail

“Edwards writes a clear, elegant prose. She gives us Marco’s story with economy, emotional acuity, and a sure eye for significant detail.”

Books in Canada

“The novel is an astonishing debut – well-conceived, sensuous, completely original.”

– Ken McGoogan, The Calgary Herald

“Edwards has a good eye and she knows how to shape the curve of her sentence to fit the thing exactly.”

Canadian Literature

“Through its imaginative exploration of the questions of Canadian and Italian culture, The Lion’s Mouth is a significant contribution to Canada’s national literature as well as to the immigrant writing of the world.”

– Joseph Pivato, Ethnic Studies