Island of the Nightingales

Island of the Nightingales

Guernica Editions – 2000

Howard O’Hagan (Writers Guild of Alberta) Short Fiction Award 2001

These are stories of women – pursuing a first love, giving birth, ministering to a dying mother – women searching for identity and place and purpose in an international world of professors and bricklayers, Mafiosi and hockey stars. The stories of these women are contained in those moments when different cultures and different values intersect, when dislocation and fragmentation lead to awareness. Edwards takes her images from the spheres of art and science highlighting unexpected connections and, with her graceful, spare style, brings clarity understanding and humour to the basic questions of responsibility, desire and loss.

“A slender volume of superb short stories”
- Alberta Views

“The stories are powerful and beautifully written.”
- Canadian Book Review Annual

Cover image courtesy of Guernica Editions